breaking news

An electronic flight data transmission previously thought to be lost has been discovered by Agony Unleashed deep space reconnaissance pilots.

There is much speculation as to the transmissions contents.  However, sources close to The Scope have advised that there is proof that a number of capsuleers previously thought as lost within New Eden are alive and well, and their stories can now be presented.

A press statement released this morning by Agony Unleashed officials said

the data has been slowly decrypted, and the planned data transmission is due to commence at 2015-10-01 20:00.  We are now satisfied that those ‘rogue’ Agony Unleashed pilots previously identified as enemies of the state can now be pardoned, and the actual perpetrators can finally be bought to justice.  We just want our pilots home.

Concord Officials were unavailable for comment at this time – however, they advised that a press statement would be released prior to the first transmission.

The discovery of this data comes during a time of dense population expansion, instability within the state, corruption in high-level officials within governments and unsustainable economic growth across New Eden, and is expected that a number of unanswered questions can now be closed.

Check back here at 2015-10-01 20:00 for the first transmission of these stories.

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