breaking news

Agony Unleashed have been once again creating Havoc in PVH-8 in Syndicate, after taking a 25-man Hurricane fleet with logistical support out and decimating an unaffiliated fleet in 5 short minutes – well over 2 billion isk was destroyed.

A representative for the destroyed fleet was unavailable to comment.

Sources within Agony Unleashed said that fights like this happen daily within Agony Unleashed and with careful planning it is possible to take out any hostile fleet.

breaking newsGlepp, Agony Unleashed, Alpha Squadron Leader, who lead the assault in PVH-8 said:

This engagement was all about quick planning – and responding.

The hostile fleet did not know we had formed up so quickly.

We had eyes on them, and before they knew it, we were on them.

Never underestimate Agony Unleashed.

Sources close to Agony Unleashed have advised The Scope that Agony Unleashed IS recruiting.

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