carenthor loon

Expelled from the Pator Tech School following a difference of opinion with one of the flight instructors (some say it was simply due to his lackadaisical attitude towards punctuality, but rumours are that there was much more to it that that), and with his dreams of becoming a combat pilot in tatters, Carenthor Loon drifted between various low-standing Corporations and his Tribal home barely eking out a living scratching rocks.

One fateful day, his overconfidence and greed getting the better of him, he ventured into a system whose security was just that little bit lower than his combat skills could manage; the local ne’er-do-wells sent him home in his pod, his pride smashed into as many pieces as his never-glorious mining vessel.


Retreating to lick his wounds (and drown his sorrows), he came across an advert for Agony Unleashed’s PVP University; being too old now to return to the Tech School, and not to mention with too many bridges burned, he scraped together his last 5 million ISK and enrolled on the next available course.

Whilst not immediately excelling, Loon nevertheless graduated with his class and, either due to the instructors seeing something in him or because they were simply lacking pilots, he was invited to join the ranks of Agony Unleashed. Now growing in confidence, Loon quickly developed an affinity for flying the paper-thin and expensive covert ops frigates, helping to serve up many an over-confident target to the eager students of PVPU.

Almost 9 years later, as Agony’s longest-standing Director (and member), Loon has flown just about every role in every type of fleet that Agony can muster, and has become part of the furniture. To say that he has found his home in New Eden is somewhat of an understatement, as he will no doubt be a member of Agony until the day he hangs up his capsule for good.

He’s still no better at time keeping though.



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