deran francks


Deran Francks would be the first person in New Eden to say that he is an unlikely capsuleer.

Deran was born into a wealthy family, and his early childhood and adult years were remarkably uneventful; that is until his life took an unusual turn for the worst in 2010.

His family was kidnapped by Bounty Hunters in an undisclosed location outside of Saranen and have not been seen since.

Deran enrolled in The Eve University shortly after to hunt down the perpetrators and seek revenge for what they had done; focussing on small scale combat at the University, he quickly joined Agony Unleashed, and soon advanced into the upper ranks, where he is now a Director.

Sadly, no trace of his family has been found, but the perpetrators still regularly taunt him; however Deran travels the systems of New Eden in the hope that he will once again be reunited with his loved ones.

A keen scanner, wormholer, and skirmisher – Deran is the person in Agony Unleashed who is most likely to say “point on Thanatos”.

Deran is happiest behind enemy lines, pointing your ratters, harassing the locals, and waiting for you to escalate.

You have been warned – if you do escalate – please do bring some cake.

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