itkovian beddict


Itkovian or ‘Itko’ to most, started his career doing freelance mercenary work for the various Empire factions. Although largely straightforward, this work allowed him to build a small fund to support himself in furthering his pilot training. He joined Eve University and quickly graduated while learning the basics of more advanced combat – qualifying as a Covops pilot and racking up many hours providing Intel for Ivy League Navy (ILN) fleets. As time went on, he started to move from the more passive ‘scout’ role into more aggressive ‘skirmish’ work, tackling targets for the fleet as well as providing eyes on targets. He also dabbled in Fleet Command, leading 50 or more Unistas in raids into lawless Nullsec space.

His development in the role of Interceptor pilot was enhanced through a Skirmishing seminar run by Glepp, then already a member of Agony Unleashed. Itko had already been considering joining Agony as a potential long term goal but after the excellent tuition from Glepp and discussions with other ex-Unistas in Agony (such as Deran Francks and Toran Brades), he decided to enroll in one of Agony’s PVP-Basic courses. Immediately recognising that Agony’s style of combat matched his own, he quickly applied to join.

 Shortly after joining, he was involved in a minor engagement that resulted in the destruction of his pod. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the transfer process and his new clone wasn’t reactivated for several months. After this minor setback, he threw himself fully into learning the art of skirmishing from the many excellent pilots within Agony, eventually reaching a high level of proficiency. After achieving several notable tackles, including holding a Paladin while the fleet traveled 6 systems to provide backup, he started to branch out into different roles within Agony fleets.

Now having been in Agony for over three years, he has flown almost every kind of ship in Agony operations. From Logistics Cruisers to Interdictors and from Heavy Assault Cruisers to Battleships. In that time, he was also promoted to Squadron Leader and then Director of Alpha Squadron and captained the Agony Empire team at the annual Alliance Tournament. Now largely focusing his own development on Fleet Command, he is far from the end of his journey to improve as a pilot and has every intention of continuing that journey with Agony.

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