jaepee dee

Jaepee Dee is a 2007 veteran of the State War Academy, possessing much experience beyond his age.

Having left home after the onset of the Imperial War at a young age for the bright lights of the big city and the SWA, JP soon branched out into small ship combat, focussing on small scale skirmishes with his peers.

Excelling at small gang warfare from an early age, JP started flying with Agony Unleashed in 2008, and is well known and highly capable capsuleer wise beyond his years.

JP is regularly seen flying frigates, assault frigates, destroyers, combat interceptors and cruiser classes, but in recent years, has branched out into logistics, which is where he excels.

Logistics ships aside, JP is a highly competent capsuleer, that will take on a fight often outnumbered, leaving a trail of wrecks in his path – not necessarily his own.

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