Born and raised in a war-stricken nation, Keacte enlisted into Interstellar Protectorate and after a number of years progressed quickly through the lower ranks of IP.

Eventually becoming jaded due government corruption at national scales, Keacte sadly fell into a life of petty crime and racketeering.

After an ultimatum by the authorities at an undisclosed Government location, Keacte began life as a pod-pilot and capsuleer.

Showing promise, during his training at the Centre for Advanced Studies, Keacte started with Agony Unleashed 5 years ago.

Cutting his teeth as reconnaissance pilot in his early years, Keacte now specialises in solo and small-gang warfare.

Regularly flies frigate-spec, combat-interceptors, fleet-interceptors, cruiser and battlecruiser spec hulls including, but not limited to: taranis, imperial navy slicer, stiletto, ares, rupture, vexor, thorax, omen navy issue, rapier, myrm, & talos.

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