miss granger

miss granger copy

Born and raised by mortals – but turning out to have exceptional mental abilities far beyond that of her simple parents, Granger enrolled (as many Caldari do) in the State War Academy.

Shortly after joining, a chance PvP encounter with a Gallente pilot called Reiisan showed here that there was more to life than the Caldari State and she followed her new mentor to the Federation, where she grew high amongst the ranks of the capsuleers defending the Gallente from the vile Serpentis.

However, with her abilities and experience growing rapidly, the call to try new things and seek new experiences caused her to part from the man she fell in love with and seek out the dangers of Nullsec space.

On joining Agony Unleashed, she was no more than a frigate pilot, but with time her skills grew to the point where no sub-capital exists in EvE that she cannot fly with perfect skills. Having said all that – with choice comes indecision. Well, usually.

When not flying with her corp mates in small gangs, or solo in a Navy Omen or Curse, she will usually be found in a Sabre, preying on those small ships silly enough to try to tackle her.

And she always, always will go for the pod.

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