mission statement

unleashed chronicles copyMission statement:
To provide a ‘blog’ to showcase the corporation agony unleashed, who we are, how we fly, and what we fly, within a creative writing format that is entertaining and fun to read, for the Eve Online enthusiast.


  • The agony unleashed chronicles is a creative writing / reportage project started by Keacte.
  • Keacte is a long-term member of Agony Unleashed and a keen small gang PvP’er and Solo’er since 2007.
  • The site itself attempts to  fuse creative writing fiction with actual after action reports of a variety of scale that he or members of agony unleashed have experienced and transpose this into the written form.
  • The agony unleashed chronicles were originally born in 2012, but only released for public consumption in Jan-2015.


  • It is a project celebrating New Eden, its pilots and eve online.  You – the hauler, the ratter, the miner, the PvP’er – are the people who make Eve Online great – this is an attempt to give something back to the community outside the usual format.


  • The agony unleashed chronicles is aimed at all eve-online enthusiasts who enjoy science fiction, small gang pew-pew and pod goo.


  • The aim is to have content added weekly, however, this may fluctuate – so please bookmark the site and check back periodically.

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